My December 2013 Video Testimony

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9 Responses to My December 2013 Video Testimony

  1. Ess says:

    Jeannette–thank you for posting your video and written testimony and also that of Edward Burmeister–very important points made. More than that–thank you for STANDING UP and SPEAKING up on behalf of so many of us!! So crucial!!

    It would seem that there is a cloak of DEAFNESS, DARKNESS and a wall of DIS-engagement towards our efforts to speak up for our RIGHTS. WE WON’T STOP!!! Our very LIVES are ‘on the line’ . . . We have EVERYTHING at stake here!!

  2. Carrie says:

    Well done! Thanks to both you and Edward for speaking up for patients!!

  3. Kathy D. says:

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for standing up for ME/CFS sufferers in a principled, strong manner. It may rattle the HHS, CDC, etc., that we have two intelligent and determined attorneys on our side, who present the evidence of wrongdoing and seek remedies for it.

  4. Ess says:

    On the main HHS website the HHS PRIORITIES are listed—MENTAL HEALTH is third in the column; LASTLY IS HIV/AIDS—there is NO mention of ME/CFS — NO ‘specific’ mention.

  5. Dr John L Whiting says:

    Now is truly the time for putting faces to names, to show the HHS that we are real people. Thank you Jeannette for showing us the way forward, to speak so eloquently and most of all, to speak with such conviction and passion. It is something we can all remember and know with greater confidence, that is what it is YOU STAND UP for, and for what we should ALL stand up for. Your ongoing actions are so very important. Thank you Jeannette.

    • Dr John L Whiting says:

      Bravo. Each time I listen to this video, the more impressed I become with its contents.

      Everyone. Listen carefully to what Jeannette Burmeister has to say. Not a single word is wasted.

      • thanks very much, john. i tend to talk very fast, especially when racing against the clock. i wish i could have read less and “talked” more, but 5 minutes is close to no time at all. anyway, the rattling off of my testimony combined with the german accent probably requires more than one listen 😉 thanks for your patience!

  6. Ess says:

    Goood advice, Dr. Whiting, for us all to listen carefully, very carefully at this PIVOTAL time and take in these most important points that Jeannette has so adeptly addressed on ALL of our behalves.

  7. Laurel says:

    I agree, the whole thing was brilliant. I found you easy to understand–talking fast wasn’t a problem because you enunciate very well. Thanks, Jeannette!

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