My name is Jeannette Burmeister. I am an attorney, licensed to practice law in California. I am disabled with myalgic encephalomyelitis (“M.E.”). Before I was stricken with M.E., I practiced law at Baker & McKenzie LLP, the world’s largest law firm.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jeannette, I’m so pleased to get to know you through your writing. It’s refreshing to read a blogger who is professtional, educated, logical and honest about our disease. I, too, lost everything to ME, including my career as the executive director of a homeless shelter here in Oklahoma. I thought my work was my reason for living, and it has taken a few years of bedrest for me to work out my attitude and my faith while being on full disability. I appreciate the determination and emotional energy in your writing. I will be checking out your archives and following your blog now! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and reminding me I’m not alone in this journey.
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Ecoclimber says:

    Jeannette can you contact me at my email address or on PR by PM. I want to discuss a legal issue with you that could have ramifications with regards to Me/CFS


  3. How can we affect the IOM? VA released a study last month to the IOM to investigate C-123 dioxin exposures, which they’d first promised in 2012 but canceled. We believe another two year IOM study is unethical given ample evidence exists today to answer the questions posed to the IOM, and the delay forces affected veterans to be denied VA medical care yet longer. How do we do whatever can be done, other than useless witness testimony?

  4. Dear Jeanette, I would love to speak with you about legal matters surrounding a case in which I am the Plaintiff. The defendant, a very large company, denies there is any scientific proof that the “incident” could have caused my crippling disease; indeed, there is a body of proof surrounding specific triggers, even within the precise mechanisms of M.E. I have spent the last five years incapacitated and trying not to die. On behalf of all those, especially women with rare/little understood diseases who are treated like drug addicted depressive hypochondriacs but also others like your father, who nearly did not make it and my father and best friend, who did not survive, I hope you will support me in this fight. There needs to be so much more awareness, and I see my case as a platform. Thank you, Kerry

  5. Victim of James Coyne - crazy man says:

    I’m being severely harassed by someone I’ve never met. Name is JAMES CHARLES COYNE. I’ve had to file a police report and have been in contact with police where I live, work, and where this man lives according to public property records. On 6/12/22 I saw an ANGRY MANIFESTO with employee and student names posted to a Facebook group for students and parents of my university. He stated he planned to come to campus. I reported it to the police and when I made a comment on the post about reporting it he started an abusive harassment campaign against me. This man USED to be an actual psychologist at an Ivy League uni. There is something very very wrong with his behavior. He’s also crank calling me like a 5th grader. He lives locally so it is very concerning.

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