MECFS Alert Episode 2

Here is the second episode of MECFS Alerts by our fried, Llewellyn King. This is one of the worst days I have had cognitively and I am barely able to form a thought and type this. So, I am just posting this with deep gratitude, but without any further comment.

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3 Responses to MECFS Alert Episode 2

  1. Wally says:

    So sorry to hear that you are not doing well. Hang in there and thanks for using what precious little energy you have to keep your blog going for the rest of us “Cog” heads. Coining a new name after being inspired by listening to some Jimmy Buffet “Parrot” head music. 🙂


    • you are too sweet, wally! had a better day yesterday, but today is another tough one. i am afraid my blog is rather dormant right now. … some jimmy buffet, maybe that’s what i need 😉

  2. georgie evans says:

    My name is georgie, and i’v had m.e.for 14 months now,so i’m still trying to get to know it properly. This is the first time i’v come across your site, and i have to say that you have all of my own frustrations with my family. I am so lucky that my wonderful partner,my 2 children, who are 22 and 23, and the majority of my friends do accept that whatever i say is happening that day,hour or minute is the way that it is, and do not try to force me into anything that i cannot do… do the opposite and i too am exhausted with banging my head against the same brick wall. I too have a huge list of CAN’T DO ANYMORE. I struggle with these, but i do believe that i will be able to do some of them again in the future(I am not unrealistic about how great my recovery will be, or that there will be some people who will never understand beyond their own selfish reasons as to why they won’t or can’t accept quite how ill i am. That is their problem, and i have to refuse it to be mine, as it would only knock me back further, and have a devistating effect on my over all recovery….from my own personal research the more you push yourself the lesser your over all recovery will be for the rest of your life.) I am sorry to be waffling on, however i am having my best day since falling ill, and have been out for lunch with Si ( my partner!) and have been able to visit my 2nd cousin who has had m.e. for the past 7 years, and is doing fantastically considering that she spent the 1st 2 years in bed. I hope you don’t mind me writting this to you as i do understand.
    all the best for a brighter 2012 for us all!
    georgie X

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