Petition to Withdraw the PACE Study

Please sign the petition to withdraw the PACE study here. Below is the text of the petition:

The PACE Study: ‘A Travesty of Science and a Tragedy for People with ME’

The published paper of the PACE trial study into ME is a ‘Travesty of Science and a Tragedy for people with ME.’

In light of the knowledge that the study has now been exposed as seriously flawed- in that it did not actually study people with ME -we the undersigned demand that the authors withdraw the paper with immediate effect.

In an unprecedented move the PACE trial was part funded by the Department of Work and Pensions. With final costs now reported to be between £4 and £5 million and a time scale of 8 years to complete it cannot be said to be a “value for money” exercise. The survey outcome has influenced the guidelines for ME produced by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence), the ME services determined by BACME (British Association for CFS ME) and benefit support by the DWP (Department of Work and Pensions).

This petition will be presented to the Editor of the Lancet, the DWP, the MRC, the APPG for ME and as many MPs that we can identify who have an interest in ME.”

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