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P2P FOIA Documents, Part 4–NIH: Neither Patients Nor Science Meant to Be Part of P2P

The documents I am releasing today at this link relate to the P2P working group. I published some of them previously in my P2P FOIA Documents, Part 2: “We also recently had a FOIA request on CFS.” But to I thought t would … Continue reading

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Who is Causing Facebook to Block Tuller’s Article?

On Monday, January 27, 2014, David Tuller published, on Buzzfeed, a well-researched and factual article—”How “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” Obscures A Serious Illness“—on ME/CFS and the government’s efforts to redefine the disease. As of right now, 78,331 people have viewed the article. … Continue reading

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David Tuller on the IOM Saga: Must Read

David Tuller just published an excellent piece on the IOM saga on Buzzfeed, just in time before the IOM meeting today. Please, everybody, help to have it go viral. Tweet about it and put in on your FB wall, ideally … Continue reading

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