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Keep an Eye on Your Walitt: NIH Study Poses Dramatic Risk to Long-Term Disability Benefits

Many ME/CFS* sufferers are covered by employer-sponsored long-term disability (“LTD”) policies. These policies almost universally limit LTD benefits to 24 months for disability caused—or even just contributed to—by a mental/nervous disorder. The following language is taken from a current policy … Continue reading

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Deadline for Comments on Proposed ERISA Disability Regs Fast Approaching: Additional Guidance

We are down to the wire; the deadline for public ERISA (“Employee Retirement Income Security Act”) comments—January 19, 2016—is fast approaching. As of yesterday, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) has received 23 comments in response to its proposed new ERISA … Continue reading

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Proposed ERISA Disability Regs: Instructions and Sample for Public Comments

[Update 1/15/16: additional guidance for your comments here] Below are instructions on how to submit your comments on the new regulations proposed by the Department of Labor (“DOL”) for long-term disability (“LTD”) benefits under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (“ERISA”). … Continue reading

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Department of Labor Proposes Lowering Bar for ERISA Disability Claims, Requests Public Comments

[Update 1/15/16: instructions for submitting comments here and additional guidance for your comments here] I am happy to report a rare positive development for disability claimants, one that is important to get behind. As most of you know, the rules under the Employee … Continue reading

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