SF Chronicle Article on the FDA’s Denial of Ampligen

We got an article about the FDA’s denial about Ampligen on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle’s weekend edition. I wish Dr. Montaya had framed his thoughts only positively (works in a sub-group of patients) instead of also negatively (not sure it works), but good coverage nonetheless.

Thank you, Courtney Alexander Miller, for landing the story with the Chronicle.  Thank you Erin Allday for taking an interest in our suffering and writing about it! And thanks to Paul Chinn for being gentle in his picture-taking.


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5 Responses to SF Chronicle Article on the FDA’s Denial of Ampligen

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you try to comment on the article. I must say it is a long process so the paper can avoid spammers. I just finished it and let’s see if they respond.

    Also, this problem wi the FdA is a DISCRIMINATION case. The FDa only permits the rich to have access to Ampligen. They discriminate against the poor and the physically weak victims of CFS. When will an attorney take this on…?

  2. Iris Giebus says:

    I can say it, not tied to being PC or running for anything. The FDA ARE IN BED WITH BIG PHARM. there, doesn’t that feel good?

    Iris A G 925 457 0669

    Please forgive inadvertent typos.

  3. J, you have been working so hard on all this. You’re a blessing to everyone with ME/CFS. xo

  4. justinreilly says:


    great article! Thanks for making it happen. Definitely good for awareness (though of course the constant mention of chronic fatigue grates as usual; I know you didn’t have control over that; btw thanks for using the term ME, that’s extremely important for us as you know)

  5. Thanks for making us aware of these things. You have done a great job. Well done

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